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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

San Diego, California, USA

Full time



About the Role

The Altos Labs Data & ML Platform group is building a high-performance, scalable, flexible platform for managing scientific data and models across many different modalities. We will enable and accelerate the Altos science mission by making all our data easily findable, interpretable, and accessible for machine learning and exploratory data analysis, and making all our models easily trainable, findable, interpretable, and accessible across diverse research groups.


  • Motivated to build, deploy, and manage systems to organize diverse kinds of scientific data, scientific analysis, and machine learning workflows in an integrated, usable framework

  • Interested in understanding user needs across a wide range of scientific disciplines, and communicating with users to build systems that they can use productively

  • Demonstrated software engineering skills in developing reliable, scalable, performant distributed systems in a cloud environment

  • Designing and building large-scale data systems including metadata management, storage tiering, lineage tracing, versioning, partitioning, data transformation pipelines, etc.

  • Designing and building large-scale machine learning systems including data transformation pipelines, model management & serving, versioning & dependency management, data lakes, feature stores, etc.

  • Capable of proposing, building, and owning complex system designs and integrating them into a coherent whole

  • Champion maintainable, scalable, and reusable software engineering techniques and acts as an ambassador to promulgate tools and practices to the research community.

  • Mentor software engineers and computational scientists, evangelizing best practices around development tools, CI/CD, and other methods to improve code quality and efficiency.

Who You Are

Required Qualifications

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, or related quantitative field, or equivalent technical experience

  • 3+ years software development experience

  • Experience with one or more programming languages commonly used for large-scale data management and machine learning, such as Python, C++, Scala, Julia, etc., and related software engineering frameworks and processes such as package management, CI/CD, etc.

  • Experience applying software engineering practices in a scientific environment, or another environment with similar characteristics

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of data management systems, software development frameworks, cloud computing, and/or distributed/parallel computing.

  • Demonstrated track record of hands-on technical leadership.

  • Excited to design, implement, and evangelize technical and cultural standards across scientific and technical functions.


The salary ranges for this position are: San Diego $170,000 to $230,000; Redwood City $186,150 to $251,850; Cambridge UK £83,300 - £112,700

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