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Sales Engineer


Full time


About the Role

The candidate best equipped for success in this role is someone with 7+ years as a successful Sales Engineer. In that role, the candidate has gotten fluent in the full presales process. This starts with engaging presentations and demos; some provided, some you might help our team to build. The goal is to drive the excitement that helps to draw out the prospect’s needs. Armed with this discovery, you will help to either qualify out the prospect, or scope a Statement of Work. This position will put the right person on the cutting edge of practical Conversational AI that is already driving big Return On Investment (ROI) for companies and healthcare providers you likely already know.


Non-technical skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, covering:

  • Discovery

  • Industry-Focused and Technology-Focused Presentations

  • Demonstrations

  • Needs Analysis

  • Statement of Work generation and presentation

  • RFI/RFP Completion

At least 7 years of experience in a role that involves close client interaction in the current position (e.g. Consultant, Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect)


Technical skills

  • Ideally some hands-on, or at least familiarity with the best-practices application of:

  • Conversational AI

  • Channels (Web, Voice, Teams, Mobile, etc.)

  • Low-Code/No-Code Environments

  • Popular Languages/Frameworks (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, REST, SOAP, etc.)

  • Security/Compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2/3, OAuth2, etc.)

  • AI/ML 

  • UI and UX design

  • Popular Systems of Record, including Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, ServiceNow, MS Active Directory


Good to haves

  • Ability to learn latest technologies and work with small engineering teams

  • East coast or Central time zone to facilitate the occasional call with European prospects

  • French, German, and/or Spanish literacy/fluency a plus



  1. Independent team member to work alongside the Sales Development Representatives (SDR), and then the Sales Reps

  2. Fluent in the Avaamo solutions by vertical (ex. ITSM, HR, Healthcare, etc.)

  • Presentations (industry accolades, reference accounts, use cases, etc.)

  • Recorded demos

  • Live demos

  • Objection handling

  • Competitive landscape

  1. Work with the SE team to provide feedback, to improve the above materials

  2. Occasionally design/create new custom demos and Proof of Concepts

  • This can include working with our Proof of Concept building team 

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