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Data Infrastructure Engineer

UK, Europe

Full time


About the Role

We are constantly looking for outstanding employees! Currently, we offer remote work in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Poland. Whether you would like to work from home in one of these countries or from one of our offices in Cologne or Paderborn: the choice is yours. No matter where you choose to work from, our way of working is designed to make you an essential part of the team.

What will you be doing at DeepL?

We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to join a team of versatile engineers that craft libraries, tooling and the infrastructure supporting data processing at DeepL. The Data Platform combines different data sources, both internal and external and makes them available to our stakeholders company-wide: Developers, Product Development, Data Science and Management. You will work in a cross-functional team with Product Managers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Developers to solve complex technical challenges.

Your responsibilities

  • You are part of the team that maintains and scales the infrastructure for storing, processing and streaming data 

  • Administer Kafka clusters that play a central role in the company's data delivery

  • Administer ClickHouse, which is our company-wide data warehouse

  • Consulting other engineering teams directly on designing and deploying their services to bare-metal Kubernetes

  • Monitoring in Prometheus and Grafana - you build and set up solutions that make sure our systems are operating smoothly

  • Play your part in setting up backups and load testing for a reliable infrastructure

What we offer

  • Meaningful work: We break down language barriers worldwide and bring different cultures closer together

  • Data at scale from products used by more than 1 billion people worldwide

  • Our own data, analytics, machine learning and experimentation platform - far beyond the limitations of standard web analytics platforms

  • Interesting challenges: design and programming at the highest level

  • We are a distributed work force enabling our employees to work from the comfort of your home office in Germany, Poland, Netherlands or the UK or in one of our comfortable offices

  • State of the art equipment for your workplace

  • A friendly, international, and highly committed team with a lot of trust and very short decision making processes

About you

  • Ideally experience with Kafka (or other event brokers) and/or Kubernetes

  • Ideally experience with ClickHouse or other data warehouse solutions

  • Experience with distributed and data-centric systems that ingests and stores massive amounts of data

  • Experience in deploying and maintaining infrastructure predominantly used by developers

  • You are curious and aren't afraid to interact with low-level systems

  • You are fluent in English

Please let the company know you found this position on Jobdai to support us!

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