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Data Scientist - Insights

UK, Europe

Full time


About the Role

DeepL is Germany's best-known AI company. We develop neural networks to help people work with language. With DeepL Translator, we have created the world's best machine translation system and made it available free of charge to everyone online. Over the next few years, we aim to make DeepL the world's leading language technology company.

Our goal is to overcome language barriers and bring cultures closer together.

What distinguishes us from other companies?

DeepL (formerly Linguee) was founded by developers and researchers. We focus on the development of new, exciting products, which is why we spend a lot of time actively researching the latest topics. We understand the challenges of developing new products and try to meet them with an agile and dynamic way of working. Our work culture is very open because we want our employees to feel comfortable. In our daily work we use modern technologies - not only to translate texts, but also to create the world's best dictionaries, and solve other language problems.

When we tell people about DeepL as an employer, reactions are overwhelmingly positive. Maybe it's because they have enjoyed our services, or maybe they just want to get on board with our quest to break down language barriers and facilitate communication.

Your Choice

We are constantly looking for outstanding employees! Currently, we offer remote work in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Poland. Whether you would like to work from home in one of these countries or from one of our offices in Cologne, London or Amsterdam: the choice is yours. No matter where you choose to work from, our way of working is designed to make you an essential part of the team.

What will you be doing at DeepL?

You will be part of the highly motivated track of teams that run DeepL's analytics platform. Our growing track is a cross-functional mix of Engineers and Data Scientists working towards our common goal of leveraging our user data. Our job is to create value from the vast amount of data that we gather from our more than 100 million users. By doing so, we aim to make a significant impact on building the best possible translation experience and overcome language barriers.

Within the track, you will be part of a team of Data Scientists that aims to:

  • Turn DeepL's data into insights using predictive modeling or performance analyses in order to move key business metrics

  • Improve our strategical thinking and decision making by democratising data and enabling self-service​

  • Empower our stakeholders by building strong working relationships with them and providing insights, education and guidance on experiments​

Your typical deliverables will be insights and recommendations based on data, datasets, education and support, as well as some dashboards.

Your responsibilities

  • Analyse (often large volumes of) data to generate actionable insights or uncover business opportunities

  • Partner with stakeholders from multiple departments to identify business opportunities, needs, requirements and proposed solutions, as well as to prioritize and evaluate initiatives. Communicate planning and deliverables timely

  • Communicate your results and findings clearly, support decision making and strategy

  • Provide guidance on experiment design & evaluation; Perform deep-dive analyses when needed and contribute to improving our in-house experimentation framework

  • Implement Python and SQL code for automating the generation of metrics, analyses and datasets

  • Make data available in reporting through Metabase, ensure metrics are shown consistently across business units and establish a single source of truth, educate stakeholders on self-service

What we offer

  • Data at scale from products used by more than 100 million people worldwide

  • Our own analytics and experimentation platform - far beyond the limitations of standard web analytics platforms

  • Interesting challenges: analytics and programming and at the highest level

  • A friendly, international, and highly committed team with a lot of trust and very short decision-making processes

  • Meaningful work: We break down language barriers worldwide and bring different cultures closer together

  • A comfortable office in Cologne, London or Amsterdam or suitable equipment for your home office

About you

  • You have some professional experience as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist, ideally within an online company

  • You're eager to learn and have impact

  • You have good communication skills; You're able to clarify the "question behind the question" and can easily communicate technical topics clearly to stakeholders with varied backgrounds

  • You enjoy collaborating with stakeholders to pro-actively identify opportunities

  • You have solid knowledge of programming in Python which is our Data Science tool of choice. You are proficient in SQL

  • You are well versed in statistics, experience with hypothesis testing or AB testing is a plus

  • You have a master's degree or PHD in a quantitative subject like economics, mathematics, statistics, data science, or another field with a strong emphasis on quantitative analysis (or equivalent experience)

  • You have experience with data modeling and regression techniques, experience with Machine Learning is a plus

  • You maintain a pragmatic balance between quick results & statistical rigour

  • You are skilled at Data Visualization & Analytics, experience with Metabase is a strong plus

  • Fluent in English, which is our company language

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