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Sr. Applied Research Scientist

New York, USA

Full time



About the Role

We’re looking for two Sr. Applied Research Scientists to help us develop cutting-edge machine learning models to power our creative tools. One will be focused on Computer Vision and Generative Models and the other will be focused on NLP and Code Generation. These roles are for candidates with a strong background building impactful and novel machine learning projects, strong software engineering skills, and who are deeply interested in seeing their research materialize in novel user interfaces for creative tasks.

This is a cross-functional team that requires strong communication and collaboration skills; you will have a chance to work with our backend team to help bring your research models to production, and with our design and frontend engineering team to make sure that your machine learning models work in harmony with the user interfaces that interact with them.

What you’ll do (Computer Vision) 🎨

  • Develop innovative research projects in computer vision, focusing on generative models for image and video.

  • Build new computer vision pipelines for automating visual effects tasks (such as video segmentation, pinpointing, tracking).

  • Work with a world-class engineering team pushing the boundaries of content creation on the browser.

  • Collaborate closely with the rest of the product organization to bring cutting-edge machine learning models to production.

What you’ll do (Code Generation) 🎨

  • Build large language models for code generation to automate workflows for common video/image/audio editing tasks.

  • Create human-in-the-loop systems for creative automation with reinforcement learning from human feedback.

  • Work with a world-class engineering team pushing the boundaries of content creation on the browser.

  • Collaborate closely with the rest of the product organization to bring novel natural language interfaces to production.

What you’ll need 💻

  • 4+ years of relevant engineering or research experience in computer vision and/or graphics

  • Expertise with programming such as Python, C++, CUDA, and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. Very strong programming skills and ability to write clean and maintainable research code

  • Deep interest in building human-in-the-loop systems for creativity

  • Passion for seeing research through from initial conception to eventual application

  • Experience mentoring and teaching other researchers

  • Strong communication, collaboration, and documentation skills


Runway strives to recruit and retain exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds while ensuring pay equity for our team. Our salary ranges are based on competitive market rates for our size, stage and industry, and salary is just one part of the overall compensation package we provide.

There are many factors that go into salary determinations, including relevant experience, skill level and qualifications assessed during the interview process, and maintaining internal equity with peers on the team. The range shared below is a general expectation for the function as posted, but we are also open to considering candidates who may be more or less experienced than outlined in the job description. In this case, we will communicate any updates in the expected salary range.

Lastly, the provided range is the expected salary for candidates in the U.S. Outside of those regions, there may be a change in the range, which again, will be communicated to candidates.

Salary range: $175,000-$220,000


Working at Runway 🥳We are a small and growing team of artists, engineers, researchers, and dreamers working together to reimagine creativity. And we’re building a unique team of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. We believe that this will allow us to continue to up-level each other, our company, and our product. We’re looking for people that will add to our culture, not just fit in.We’re committed to creating a space where our employees can bring their full selves to work and have equal opportunity to succeed. So regardless of race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, origin, ability, age, veteran status, if joining this mission speaks to you, we encourage you to apply!

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