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Elevate Your Startups Growth 

Jobdai's AI-driven marketing and 10 years of experience working with world-class brands and early-stage startups, we can help your company reach its full potential. 

What We Offer

Jobdai offers 360 marketing support for founders to easily launch and grow their startups. From acquiring your first 1000 customers to scaling to the next stage, we will support you at every step of your journey.


Our experienced marketing executives can serve as your company's part-time CMO, providing strategic guidance and leadership to help you achieve your marketing goals.


We'll help your company develop a strong and recognizable brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Community Building

Our team will curate engaging content and events to attract and retain followers, nurturing them into loyal brand advocates.

Acquisition & Retention

We'll help your AI company generate leads through targeted campaigns and optimized landing pages, ensuring a steady stream of potential customers.​​

Ready to Maximize Your Startups Potential? 

Whether you want to acquire your first customers or just looking to get advice on your day-to-day marketing activities without giving up your equity, we have a solution for you. 

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