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5 AI Tools Every Architect Should Know About

As architects and engineers building the future, we are always looking for the latest tools and technologies that can help us create impact. In that spirit, I wanted to share the top 5 AI tools that I think every architect should know about. It's difficult to distinguish the hype from the valuable gems these days because there are so many new AI tools being developed. Therefore, I focused on making a list of tools that are practical, simple to use, and currently improving team workflows.

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Not all artificial intelligence requires sophisticated neural networks fed by enormous amounts of data. In fact, a lot of the most helpful tools on this list enable you to start working right away and produce results using smaller datasets. Therefore, this list has something for you whether you want to gain insights from data, automate repetitive tasks, or add some intelligence to your designs.

Grab your morning coffee, and let's get started with my list of the top 10 AI tools for architects in 2022. I hope your quest to use technology to improve the world inspires you and gives you new allies!

1- Finch 3D

Finch 3D optimizes and challenges your design, elevating it to the next level, using AI, graph technology, and cutting-edge algorithms. You can get the exact design you want because it constantly improves your input. Optimized. Rapid iterations made possible by generative technology let you explore a greater variety of design options than ever before. Automatically add floor plans to stories and units. Change it repeatedly. Make use of data's power to get real-time performance feedback and inform design choices. Streamline feedback loops and make sure decisions are well-researched.

The Finch3D tool optimizes building design using AI and graph technology, giving real-time performance feedback, spotting mistakes early on, and coming up with the best solutions. Its features include:

  • Faster iteration with maximum "what-ifs" per hour

  • Immediate feedback on designs, including charts showing data on building performance

  • Built-in error prevention to ensure compliance with firm, customer, and municipality rules

  • Sharing of fully interactive 3D models for feedback and collaboration

  • Reusable designs with plans and objects library

What do architects think about Finch 3D?

“Computational design is here. Scripting, simulations, and generative tools inform our proposals in the early stages so that we make better design decisions and deliver sustainable architecture.” Peter Leuchovius, CIO @White


Veras is an AI-powered visualization add-in for SketchUp, Revit, and Rhinoceros that draws inspiration and creativity from the geometry of your 3D model. Veras helps you unleash your design potential. The ground-breaking tool that enables you to use AI in your SketchUp models directly Veras for SketchUp gives you designer superpowers you didn't know you possessed, whether you're working on ideation for concept models or need quick visuals. The most effective tool for architects, engineers, and contractors looking to push the limits of AI is Veras. With this ground-breaking tool, you can easily create stunning visualizations and design studies using your Revit model as the foundation by using Veras AI rendering directly inside your Revit models. For designers looking to advance their work, Veras is the best tool available. You can incorporate artificial intelligence into your Rhino models with this strong tool, giving you access to blazing-fast ideation and iterative design capabilities.


SWAPP saves you from the tiresome task of producing countless drawing sheets. The project's duration and manual labour hours are greatly decreased as a result of automating the construction documents phase. Your business will be able to reduce overtime hours, boost retention, and handle more projects with an effective work process by automating the most time-consuming and tedious planning tasks. You'll get consistent results, avoid drafting errors, and avoid time-consuming employee training with the team of BIM specialists, data scientists, and AI experts at SWAPP. Your architectural team will be able to plan innovative designs instead of endlessly revising construction documents, thanks to SWAPP. With SWAPP, changes can be made quickly and easily. Revisions to the design are a common occurrence during the project's development. However, even seemingly straightforward changes frequently necessitate coordination with and adjustments to numerous other design, detail, and drawing elements.

4- Midjourney

It's time to take advantage of artificial intelligence's power and use Midjourney to up your design game. An AI-powered image generation platform called Midjourney can produce stunning visuals from text inputs. By entering a few words or phrases, you can use midjourney to explore various interior design themes, styles, colours, and layouts. Then Midjourney will generate images that are realistic and of a high standard and match your description.

5- Maket

Maket is a tool for generative residential planning. Maket gives architects, designers, contractors, and developers the tools they need to create residential floorplans, understand zoning regulations, and experiment with countless aesthetic options. The main benefits of this include:

  • AI-driven design: generates a large number of floor plans based on the requirements of the programming and the surrounding conditions.

  • Allows users to choose the size and shape of the land, the size and shape of the building, and the desired adjacencies between rooms.

  • Create early-stage concepts instantly, test them, and visualize them in 3D.

  • Real-time collaboration, a user-friendly interface, and exports in PDF and PNG formats are all provided.


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