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The hottest new job in tech: Prompt Engineering

Want to work in the hottest industry in technology? Being able to communicate with chatbots may help you land a job as a prompt engineer for some of the most exciting startups. Prompt engineering will be a hot field in 2023 and beyond, as AI becoming increasingly important for businesses and consumers.

But what exactly is "Prompt Engineering"?

Prompt engineering, to put it simply, is the process of creating models that can generate coherent responses to questions or prompts, frequently in the form of inputs that are natural language-based. Prompt engineering is a vital component of the NLP subfield of AI because these models are created to produce relevant and contextually appropriate outputs.

The primary responsibility of a prompt engineer is to create and improve text prompts that users input into AI systems in order to achieve the best outcome. Prompt engineers, as opposed to traditional coders, write programs in prose using plain text commands and prompts. The AI systems then use this text to complete the required tasks, demonstrating the significance of natural language processing and the potential for prompt engineering to completely transform the field of AI. According to Tesla's former chief of AI, Andrej Karpathy, the latest trend in programming doesn't require technical code in languages like Python or SQL. Instead, you can simply talk to the computer. Karpathy tweeted that "The hottest new programming language is English." This trend highlights the growing importance of natural language processing (NLP) and the potential for prompt engineering to play a significant role in the future of AI. How much money do prompt engineers make?

The average pay for a Midjourney prompt engineer in the US is between $120K and $350K per year, though salaries for prompt engineers can vary depending on experience, industry, and location. Pay for these professionals is likely to rise in the future as long as there is a demand for skilled prompt engineers.

A "Prompt Engineer and Librarian" position was advertised by Anthropic AI, a company that recently accepted a $300 million investment from Google, with a salary range of $175k-$335k per year plus equity shares. Anthropic AI emphasizes that the ideal candidate will possess a creative hacker spirit, excellent communication skills, a high level of familiarity with large language models, fundamental programming and quality assurance skills, an organizational mindset, and a passion for making technology safe and useful. You should be able to consider risks and benefits in novel ways, keep up with new trends, and pinpoint fundamental ideas that apply to a variety of situations. Prompt engineering jobs are rapidly becoming more in demand due to the increasing use of artificial intelligence tools by both businesses and consumers. With competitive wages, exciting prospects for development and growth, and an increasing demand for skilled professionals, prompt engineering is an excellent career choice for those interested in AI and NLP.

Therefore, prompt engineering might be the best option for you if you're looking for a rewarding and exciting career in AI. For those with the necessary abilities and credentials, this field offers a bright future due to the growing significance of NLP and the demand for skilled prompt engineers. If you are ready to start your prompt engineering career, take a look at the latest openings at Jobdai to find the best AI, ML and data roles from leading companies.


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